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When you give to Sober Living Inc. you provide a lifeline to someone in crisis.  You can contribute to the ongoing mission to open more facilities and also sponsor men and woman with no other options.  Unfortunately there are very few places for the homeless and recovering to live in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Sometimes all a person needs is a safe, sober environment to make a fresh start. 

Your chartable donations will be used for desperately needed bedding.  Personal hygiene products. Bus tokens and passes for residents to get to and from jobs.  To help off-set the enormous hike in utilities costs.

One of the most significant ways one can help would be to sponsor a bed for a resident.  The rent for a resident is $70.00 a week, this includes rent, cable, house phone and all utilities. 

The reality is that a lot of our residents are having trouble finding work.  Ideally people would be able to focus on their recovery first and as a result become more employable .  The pressures of finding work can often led to relapse.  We need your help supporting them as they face the challenges of being useful members of society .

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Mail to: Sober Living Ohio 2964 Sidney Ave. Cincinnati OH 45225. Call (513) 681-0324.