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Sober Living Mission Statement

Sober Living is a non-profit organization committed to providing a safe, affordable, sober housing and structural living environment to individuals recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.  Our goal is to encourage and instill personal growth through educational, work-force training and spiritual development.

Sober Living Life

Sober Living maintains several houses in the Greater Cincinnati area                                                       click here for a list of locations and photo galleries of each of the properties.
Sober Living Houses

  • Safe affordable housing
  • Bus-Line
  • Access to AA
  • Social service referrals
  • Recreation/Socialization

Brian Hart recently gave a radio interview at Northern Kentucky University  Hear it here! Sober Living   HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY. (2008-10-16) Recovering addict Brian Hart opened up one of his rental properties to recovering alcoholics and addicts three years ago -- charging ten dollars a day to these men who were trying to stay sober while battling homelessness. Now Hart's "Sober Living" organization has 7 houses in the Cincinnati area with 90 beds for recovering men and women.

Brian Hart gave a TV interview on WCET.  This link will take you to the video interview (Brian's segment is roughly 13 minutes into the video)  Fifth Third Business Beat - January 16, 2009

Another TV interview was done on 02/16/09 for Ohio News Network.  Check it out here!


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